2020     NEW WORKS   Fenderesky Gallery Belfast

2020     REQUIEM   Film - Chicago Amarcord Arthouse Film Festival

2015     DRIFTING THE BANN - Film - the MAC, Belfast and at The Chicago Amacord Film Festival 

2012     FROM ETCHING TO DIGITAL PRINT Strule Arts Centre. Ommagh, Co, Tyrone. 

             ON THE SQUARE visual/sound installation F.E. McWilliam Gallery, Banbridge.

             Also at An Gailearai, Donegal. 

2011    THIRTY GICLEE PRINTS Fenderesky Gallery, Belfast

             DIGITAL PRINTS Belfast Print Gallery, Belfast

2009     NEW PAINTINGS Lemonstreet Gallery, Dublin

2006     NEW PAINTINGS Fenderesky Gallery, Belfast.

             SELECTED PAINTINGS 1996-2006 Gordon Gallery, Derry.

             NEW PAINTINGS Vanguard Gallery, Cork.

2005     THE BANKS OF THE BANN collaboration with composer Paul Wilson at the 

              Miillennium Court Arts Centre, Portadown.

2004     TIME FRAMES collaboration with composer Paul Wilson at the 

              Fenderesky Gallery, Belfast. Also a new series of paintings.

              KHAZARIA a book of combined images and text with writer David Brett.

              Arttank Gallery, Belfast and the Saint Patrick Centre, Downpatrick.

2002      CEILP collaboration with composers from Foinn Chonallacha at

              An Gaileari Donegal. Also at The Old Museum Arts Centre, 

              Belfast, and then touring to other venues in Ireland.

              NEW PAINTINGS at the Eigse Carlow Arts Festival and the Boyle Festival

2003      REPONS paintings after Boulez  Fenderesky Gallery Belfast

2001.     PAINTINGS Hart Gallery, London.

2000      MILLENNIUM IMAGES - Ireland / America, Seattle U.S.A. (invited artist).

              PAINTINGS AND PRINTS AFTER BOULEZ Fenderesky Gallery, Belfast. 

1999.     PAINTINGS AND PRINTS AFTER XENAKIS Rubicon Gallery and the Original 

              Print Gallery, Dublin. 

              PAINTINGS Keller Galerie, Weimar, Germany ( European City of Culture )

1998      THE CITY DREAMING large drawings at The Waterfront Hall, Belfast. 

               IN PARALLEL Ormeau Baths Gallery, Belfast collaboration with four composers 

               Michael Alcorn, Ian Wilson, Nicola LeFanu and David Lumsdaine for the

               Sonorities Festival at Queens University.

               PAINTINGS AND PRINTS Hart Gallery, London. 

1997       TWO INSTALLATIONS Moon Gallery, Berry College, Georgia, U.S.A. 

               PAINTINGS AND PRINTS Context Gallery, Derry. 

               1996 INSTALLATIONS AND PAINTINGS Model Arts Centre, Sligo, Ireland. 

                in association with Concorde Contemporary Music Ensemble.

                PAINTINGS AND DRAWINGS Hart Gallery, London. 

1995        PAINTINGS Fenderesky Gallery at Queens, Belfast.

               PAINTINGS Rubicon Gallery, Dublin.

1994       PAINTINGS Hart Gallery, and the East-West Gallery, London

1992       THE ANATOMY THEATRE installation at the Orchard Gallery, Derry 

1991       THE ANATOMY LESSON paintings and prints at the Hart Gallery,London

               and the Fenderesy Gallery, Belfast.

1990       DE HUMANI CORPORIS FABRICA paintings and prints at the Arts Council

               Gallery, Belfast, the Butler Gallery, Kilkenny, the Orchard Gallery, Derry,


 2017      THE ART OF PRINTMAKING  Fenderesky Gallery, Belfast 

 2014      IMPRESSIONS  Galway Arts Festival, Ireland

 2013      1NTERNATIONAL PRINT TRIENNIAL  Krakow, Poland.


2008      TWO PLACES Ormeau Baths Gallery and Limerick University                            

                 Visual/sound collaborations curated by Sean McCrum

                 Contemporary Irish Art Boyle Arts Festival, Ireland

2007       HEAL Naughton Gallery, Queens University, Belfast                                             

                  WORKS ON PAPER Fenderesky Gallery, Belfast                                                     

2005       CONTEMPORARY IRISH ART  Boyle Arts Festival, Ireland.

                  WORKS ON PAPER  Fenderesky Gallery, Belfast.

2004       CULTURAL LANDSCAPES  print exchange between Northern Ireland and  U.S.A.  

                  NEW IRISH PAINTING  Ormeau Baths Gallery, Belfast. 

2002       WORKS ON PAPER  Fenderesky Gallery,Belfast. 

                  REPONS  paintings after Boulez   Eigse Carlow Arts Festival  (invited Artist).

                  ARTISTS FROM ULSTER  Boyle Arts Festival, Ireland. 

                  THE REALLY BIG PRINT SHOW  Ormeau Baths Gallery, Belfast.    

2001        THE LAST LINES OF WAITING  collaboration with composer Paul Wilson                            

                   Fenderesky Gallery, Belfast.

2000        EXPERIMENTAL PRINT  Seattle Pacific University, Washington, U.S.A.

                   FONTANA  MIX  after John Cage Claremorris  Arts,  Ireland.    

1999          SHADOWS (sculpture)   Fenderesky Gallery, Belfast.   

1998.         ACADEMY WITHOUT WALLS  R.H.A. Banquet  Exhibition, Dublin.  

                    PAINTERS PRINTS   Fenderesky Gallery, Belfast.


2008         Two large digital panels for the Imaging Centre, The Royal Hospitals.         .

2007          Large digital panels for the new Maternity Unit, Ulster Hospital, Dundonald  

2006         Three digital panels for the Decontamination Unit. The Royal Hospitals, Belfast.        

2005         Ten prints for the new Muckamore Abbey Hospital. County Antrim.                  

2002         The Narrative of Pain research project at the Royal Victoria Hospital.                                                                                                         


2015         DRIFTING THE BANN   with notes 

2012         FROM ETCHING TO DIGITAL PRINT   exhibition catalogue with essay by David brett

2011          ON THE SQUARE exhibition catalogue with essays by Dr.Riann Coulter and david Brett.

2008       TWO PLACES  exhibition catalogue with introduction by Sean McCrum 

                   and C.D. Review in Circa Art Magazine 124.          

2006        BARBARA FREEMAN : WORKS ON PAPER 1966 - 2006 ed. by the artist and 

                   David Brett, Black Square Books,Belfast                                                               

2005        THE BANKS OF THE BANN  exhibition catalogue and C.D sound by Paul Wilson.

2003        REVIEW Circa Art Magazine, no. 102. 

2002         CEILP  exhibition catalogue with introduction by Cathal O Searcaigh.

2001          DIFFERENTIAL AESTHETICS edited by Dr.Penny Florence and Nicola                                                                                    Foster, Ashgate                                                                                                                                                                1998          MIXED MEDIA edited by Michael Wright, Royal Academy of Arts.

1998           WORK IN PROCESS Circa Art Magazine, Winter  issue.

1997            IN PARALLEL exhibition catalogue with essay and notes by David Brett, 

                     and  C.D. with music by composers Alcorn, LeFanu and Wilson. 

1996           TRANSCRIPTIONS  exhibition catalogue. 

                     REVIEW Circa Art Magazine, no. 73.

                     THINKING LONG  Contemporary Art in Northern Ireland by Liam Kelly.                                

                      Gandon Editions.